Sample Post


Our lead generation program


Step one, target real estate agents and brokers.

? Define more than just agent and broker?


Step two, build our leader ship program

  1. We work our Facebook and LinkedIn pages to focus on real estate and groups. We have one LI or FB page for Chet and one for Desi and George. Both pages will lead to the same group showing us as founder and cofounder.
  2. Form a group on LinkedIn and or Facebook

Build around doing real estate million dollar angle

Group will be for new and experienced agents

Purpose is to stop the failure rate and see more than 15% of all agents last over five years

To stop feast and famine

? Make it private so we can capture email or public and offer a book to those that signed up?


Step three our database

I have about 800 real estate agents as first level connections in LinkedIn.

We will still need to send a number of connection requests every day

We can use the invitation that is in the training


Step four the messaging machine

We need a series of messages to send using the message function in LinkedIn and or Facebook

Set up a CRM so we can stay on track

? Coordinate with the Google calendar?


Step five email follow up

We will use an auto responder and we can have several lists moving somebody from one to the other as they progress through the final.

With the auto responder on our own website we do not have to include all of the spam stuff so they will look like personal emails